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Civil Forum Shida Kartli

Civil Forum Shida Kartli

In 2016, the Civil Forum established the branch organization Civil Forum Shida Kartli to implement its work in the region, focusing on non-formal education and youth empowerment within Shida Kartli. The organization operates in the municipalities of Gori, Kareli, Kaspi and Khashuri.

The main reason to found Civil Forum Shida Kartli was to come closer to the needs of youth in local communities by involving them in social activities and supporting them in actively taking part to solve local challenges. Through non-formal education activities, local and international projects, the organization promotes youth participation and active citizenship.

To realize its goals and objectives, Civil Forum Shida Kartli cooperates with local municipalities and different state institutions. 

 The Civil Forum Shida Kartli has its main office in the IDP settlement ‘Verkhvebi’, within Gori municipality.

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