We are happy to announce that we start a new international peace project in Georgia.

The project “Share Your Peace” (SYP) is funded by Erasmus + and is implemented in four different countries. The project aims to strengthen the competences of youth workers in peace education and provide them the necessary tools as learning resources to empower young people to become pro-active agents of a peaceful change via local community initiatives addressing societal conflicts.

The specific objectives of the project for youth workers are:

  • To develop new competence in peacebuilding and conflict transformation.
  • To develop new competence in conducting peace education training programmes for young people.
  • To reflect youth workers role in relation to peacebuilding.
  • To provide youth workers with appropriate training opportunities for further developing their professional knowledge, skills and competences.
  • To create new learning partnerships between the involved partners which translate in follow-up projects on peace education in the youth field.
  • To enhance mutual learning and share of good practices.
  • To compose a set of learning materials in the field of peace education as open educational resources (OER).

Within the project, an online peace education studying course will be created. We will share and upload all peace education materials here. Stay tuned. 

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